Client Spotlight: Talking Data Breaches and Security with ACS Computers

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Andrew Ramsey has been providing regional South Australians with computer services for nearly 30 years.

From helping with the fallout of phishing scams to implementing security cameras and remote Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems for businesses, he has seen it all.

As a start-up in a granny flat in Adelaide in the early 90s, Andrew’s first priority was to provide a service everyone could access.

“My goal was to be an affordable computer troubleshooter/problem solver for those who were finding it too expensive to go to a real computer shop to have something fixed, and do it in the comfort of their own home,” says Andrew.

When it came time to look for payment providers, Andrew set about comparing the different options available.

“I did a lot of research before I contacted Ezidebit, the other option at the time was direct debit request forms from the banks. I found their method of filling out manual forms then faxing them for authorization from the customer to be too hard. And the fees were very high.”

“Other companies that offer direct debit just weren’t offering the same standard of services as Ezidebit. Ezidebit was the best when it came to security, fees and general support, and the setup was so easy and straightforward.”

Andrew’s business has evolved a lot since then, but Ezidebit has been there every step of the way.

“My company has used Ezidebit for about 12 years now. The main benefit of using Ezidebit for my business has been the reliability and ease of use, as well as great security so that is a big reason to stay with you guys.”

Andrew’s recently taken on a major company-wide wireless internet rollout for Torrens Valley International Residence, that several big telecommunication companies turned down.

“The company needed to have wireless internet in their building, since they couldn't have hard wiring done on every floor. This was a big problem for the big telcos so they wanted nothing to do with it,” he said.

Now, with COVID-19 restrictions in place since March, ACS computers has had to adapt the way they provide their services.

Andrew is still committed to providing his customers with troubleshooting assistance over the phone — particularly in light of the amount of employees now working from home.

This creates new types of challenges.

“With companies having their employees working from home, those employees aren’t accessing their business’ intellectual property and their clients’ sensitive information through secure company servers. Rather, through their own internet connections. Normal home internet connections don’t have the extensive protections larger companies have in place, so we’ll likely be seeing a lot more targeted attacks on remote workers,” Andrew said.

Andrew has seen first-hand the devastating impacts a data breach can have on someone’s life.

One customer in particular, has been hacked multiple times. They fell for phishing scams that have resulted in their email account being hacked, personal information being stolen and their bank accounts being emptied.

Andrew diagnosing computer problem

“Email scams weren’t around for older generations when they were growing up, so they can be hard to spot when you don’t know what to look out for.”

But the reality is that anyone and everyone can be targeted by hackers. Hackers are always evolving their methods and tactics, which means the security measures you have in place also need to be updated regularly.

“Tech is hard to keep safe. Which is why I’m always upskilling and researching potential new security threats. There’s always something new, something out to get you, which means you need to be proactive about your preventative security measures. From installing security patches to making sure your security system is waterproof and solid,” he said.

For someone that spends his days fixing security problems, Andrew understands how important it is to work with a payment provider that prioritises their security processes.

“Ezidebit’s security is second to none! They make it so easy taking payments with them. My customers can feel at ease knowing their details aren’t going anywhere and are protected,” he said.

Andrew’s dedication to helping his customers goes beyond offering a quick fix but rather teaching them valuable digital security skills to protect them well into the future.

“It’s important to let them know about best security practices, from sharing and opening files, encoding sensitive information and making sure they have the right policies in place around data security.”

Andrew said it’s not all about the money you can make. Rather, it’s being able to provide a solution that can help your customers stay safe — a testament to why he’s been with Ezidebit for over a decade.

“I have and always will recommend Ezidebit as they are the easiest solution to online payments. The customer service is exemplary and the fees are very low. Ezidebit is a great company to deal with! If I have ever had a problem they have been fast and professional in helping me resolve any problems,” he said.

“Thank you Ezidebit, may I have many more years with your service!”

Are you ready to find out how Ezidebit can help your business? Get in touch with one of our payment specialists today to get started.

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