Client Spotlight: Elite Container Storage Growing with the Gold Coast


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Cathy Maloney and her family have witnessed a lot of growth on Queensland’s Gold Coast, much of which has fuelled the growth in the storage industry and her family’s business, Elite Container Storage. Cathy’s father, Gold Coast businessman Max Bohlscheid, purchased the site at Molendinar in 2016 consisting of industrial land, a big warehouse and five shipping containers that were being rented out by the previous owner.

“We just grew from there,” Cathy says. “We’re at about 160 containers now and also have spaces for cars and caravans and other large items like that. 

“The industry is growing astronomically with many new businesses opening. It’s all about the location ⎼ being in the right spot where there’s industry and residents nearby.”

Cathy says that the growth in the Gold Coast and number of residents moving from the southern states has created demand for storage facilities, along with the growth in online e-commerce. 

“Some people will pretty much store their whole houses in here while they travel or relocate,” Cathy says.

“Businesses store excess stock or equipment and also people growing their online businesses will use a container as a mini warehouse where they may have outgrown their garage.”

Cathy and her husband have previously owned hardware stores before taking on the management of Elite Container Storage and see the main similarity between the two industries as the focus on customer service.

Not working with 50,000 retail line items makes that part of the customer proposition easier she says, and they have clearly been able to define their niche in the market. The industry offers a range of storage options from high tech sites with climate-controlled facilities through to container storage options like that offered at Elite Container Storage. Understanding their market and being able to offer the right storage option at a competitive price with personal service and 24/7 access has been key for Cathy and her family.

The growth in their business is seeing the addition of a second level of containers to meet demand and also a move into the Brisbane market with the forthcoming opening of a second location at Coopers Plains. 

Managing their customer base and payments has been simplified with the use of Ezidebit to offer an all-in-one payment solution for customers.


“It’s a great system and integrates really well with the Storman software platform we run the business on,” says Cathy.

“It makes daily processing very easy having an automated credit card system. The daily reporting from Ezidebit is very good and credit card payments show up in real time.

“It’s worked very well for us, and the customer service from Ezidebit has been great.”

And what does Cathy like most about the industry?

“I like dealing with people and finding the best solutions to their storage needs. Working out the best way to look after each customer and their needs is very satisfying.

“We’ve got a plane in storage at the moment. Working out how to properly store items like this is always a good challenge and having the warehouse has given us added flexibility.”

Cathy’s father Max has prided himself in having family-run businesses on the Gold Coast for around 50 years, with various family members involved in their operation.

“He’s pleased that his grandson is soon going to work in the business alongside two of his daughters,” Cathy says. 

Elite Container Storage is one family run business very much on a growth trajectory with multiple generations working together. 


Elite Container Storage Gold Coast

Elite Container Storage offers a shipping container storage facility with containers which are  insulated and protected from the Queensland elements. Centrally located on the Gold Coast at Molendinar, Elite Container Storage is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australia and offers 24/7 access to storage space, state-of-the-art security and solutions for both domestic and commercial storage needs. Visit :  

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