Client Spotlight: GeckoSports Making a Physically Active Difference


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GeckoSports franchisor Kim O’Donnell is seeing first-hand the increase in demand for more active options for school children as a result of the growing amount of screen time that they are exposed to and increasing obesity rates.

“Devices are so prevalent now,” says Kim. “With schools now starting to ban phones entirely, we’re seeing a demand for physical programs that are designed to engage kids and be great fun.”

GeckoSports provides a range of specialised sports and fitness programs for primary school-aged children. They also cater for birthday parties, events and school holiday programs, with family fitness classes also proving popular where parents can join in with their kids. 

“We do a range of fundamental movements, fitness-style games and challenges, relay races and obstacle courses,” Kim says. 

“With a lot of the kids in our classes we see huge development as they progress with both their gross and fine motor skills.”  

An upcoming event that Kim is looking forward to is a parent and child fitness bootcamp for 50 fathers and daughters. 

“Private providers like us have become very important to many schools in providing additional physical activity options, or where they have limited resources for Physical Education (PE) curriculum,” says Kim.

“Wherever there are kids we can be there with fun, functional and engaging activities for them to participate in.

“Working with children is so inspiring and rewarding. We’re keeping them physically active and teaching them lifelong skills, which encourages me knowing we’re creating Aussie kids with a happier, healthier future.”

Kim came to GeckoSports after a 20-year corporate marketing career and with a huge passion for sports, physical activity, children and the community. 

Not only was she founding territory franchisee for Bayside, Victoria, but she has since also bought the national franchise rights, with the business now operating at 12 locations across Australia and growing. 

Members who attend the term-based after-school classes pay as they go with a simple weekly membership fee. GeckoSports understand that life is busy and parents need flexible payment options. 

It’s important for Kim and the franchisees that membership and fees be a no-fuss part of the equation. This is where Kim says Ezidebit fits in perfectly.

“We need a range of payment options for our customers,” Kim says. “Ezidebit is an efficient way to handle all of our payments and integrates well with our national online booking system and website.

“It all links through to our accounting software Xero. Our operating system for our franchisees is streamlined, user-friendly and with payment reconciliation happening in the background.”

Kim says that the efficiency and integration is very important for GeckoSports as the operators need to be spending time doing what they love, which is to coach and not be spending hours reconciling accounts. 

Kim also says using Ezidebit since 2016 has had a huge effect on cash flow and that the excellent customer support she has received has been pivotal.

Kim says one of the greatest parts of her job is seeing the happy outcomes for the kids as they progress through the classes and she has seen huge development with many of them.

“We see some kids who never thought they could play a team sport who gain confidence and end up joining their friends in a team. The growth in their confidence and also physical development is just so rewarding to see.

“I have seen children that couldn’t run or do a sit-up who by the end of a term of classes can do everything and live a better quality of life. It also inspires other family members which is why we have developed our families program.”


GeckoSports offer kids a fun and interactive start to sport and fitness for life. They provide children the inspiration and confidence to be physically active and try their hand at playing different sports through its scientifically designed primary school aged programs. Phone: 1300 432 565 or visit

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