Client Spotlight: Kaizen Fitness Finds Silver Lining During COVID Lockdown

Kaizen Fitness Finds Silver Lining During COVID Lockdown

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When owner of Kaizen Fitness Jordan Berry started his personal training business, he wanted to develop an approach that worked holistically — addressing not just physical fitness, but also mental, social and spiritual change in an individual.

Prior to COVID-19, Jordan was building an online platform to support the delivery of his holistic fitness solution, alongside seeing his regular clients operating out of Snap Fitness. Little did he know, there would be a sudden and huge need for it.

As in-person services were no longer an option, Jordan created a membership space on the Kaizen Fitness website offering 1-on-1 personalised online coaching. They filmed over 70 bodyweight exercises videos that could be accessed exclusively online by the members.

Kaizen Fitness Instagram Feed

Image via Kaizen Fitness Instagram

“We communicated via Google hangouts with our members, wrote online programs and grew our Facebook group, with daily posts and live exercise workouts for people to participate in,” Jordan said.

Finding ways to adapt during the COVID-19 lockdown enabled Kaizen Fitness to scale their business further.

“We started a podcast called "The Kaizen Fitness Show", which is available on all streaming services, and we’ve had a range of guests including world champions, through to sex therapists.” 

Kaizen Fitness Facebook Show

Image via Kaizen Fitness Facebook

“If anything, I feel we’re in a better position now than where we were prior to lockdown as we’ve been able to fully focus on creating and expanding our business into different areas, particularly online,” Jordan said.

Kaizen Fitness is looking to grow their team, reconnect with their community in-person and build on the momentum of work they put in during the lockdown period.

Jordan said while the most rewarding part of running your own business is to set out your own direction and be able to fully invest in what you want to do and achieve, he admits confidence and lack of delegation can get in the way.

“As business owners, we often get trapped into thinking we have to do everything ourselves. We hate the thought of spending money if we don't have to. But if you spend some money and get a specialist to work on a part of the business you're not so capable in — you will get a better return on your time and your investment. Plus, the specialist will likely do a better job.”

Jordan said Ezidebit’s direct debit payment solution has been a hugely valuable asset for his business and ensures both ease of use for the team and Kaizen Fitness members.

Jordan using Ezidebit software

Jordan has been using Ezidebit for over three years.

Kaizen has been using Ezidebit for over three years to help him run the payments side of his business — it was the first direct debit service Jordan started using.

“I couldn't imagine operating a personal training business without a direct debit service like Ezidebit. It's super easy to use and provides clear statements and reports, which means you're never in the dark about how much profit you have collected for a particular period of time.”

Jordan said Ezidebit has taken away the accounting nightmare of following up multiple clients each week to see if they’ve paid for training.

“It’s taken the pain of processing and receiving payments — completely eliminated it — and created more time for us to focus on training our members and enhancing their experience with us,” Jordan said.

Jordan enjoys focusing on his clients

Jordan enjoys having payments run smoothly in the background, so he can focus on his clients.

Jordan will be using the time he’s saving on accounting admin to keep working towards his bigger business goal of having a physical gym space of his own.

“The next five years are going to be extremely exciting! Ever since day one, I have wanted to have a space to operate Kaizen Fitness out of. A space where we can grow and nurture our community and promote connection with one another,” he said.

Jordan said that will be the next venture before expanding further, to solidify Kaizen Fitness as a brand known for its ability to inspire positive change in individuals.

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