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A relocation, refurbishment and a doubling in size has seen Snap Fitness New Farm increase its membership by 60% in just one year, a feat that would turn most club managers green with envy.

It’s the sort of growth that has prompted club manager Angus Goulding to streamline the management of the club’s membership, which is now close to 1600.

But rather than resting on their laurels in light of their exciting results, Snap Fitness New Farm is committed to building on the success of the recent refurbishment and growth. With small group training seeing a huge boost in popularity recently, more group classes are being scheduled and are being included in the membership fees in an effort to deliver the best value for the gym’s many members. 

In light of New Farm’s success, other Snap Fitness clubs are now following their lead and undergoing renovations of their own.

“We were quite small and intimate in our last location,” Angus says. “We outgrew it in terms of our member base and the results have now shown with the new club; it’s been fantastic.”

Angus’s journey in the fitness industry started with him overcoming his own weight issues when he was younger and developing a love of exercise in the process.

Angus says, “I remember one day just saying I don’t want to be like this anymore and decided to start losing weight. I remember the great feeling of starting to feel fit and healthy. I decided to eat a little bit better, move more and that began to pay off.”

He started to play a lot of football and began going to a gym at the same time. His love of his new lifestyle prompted Angus to pursue his own career in the fitness industry, where he has been able to use his experience to help motivate and connect with new members. He says, “I’ve got a lot of stories to share and it helps when talking to a new member when I can relate to their struggles with my own personal journey.”

One client in particular had a profound impact on Angus – a person who had been homeless during a period in his life but had been able to turn things around and become very successful in his field. He had often struggled with his weight and turned to comfort food as a means of coping with mental health issues.

He started a cycle of joining the gym, leaving to do his own independent training with little success, and then coming back to the gym again. But after connecting with Angus he kept up the training in the gym and was able to lose 20 kilograms and is still an active member to this day.

With the influx of new members, the club needed to keep up in terms of managing new and existing membership payments. Luckily Ezidebit has always been a part of the equation. A big part of Angus’s role involves managing membership payments and has found that Ezidebit provides an easy payment experience for his customers.

“We don’t have to think about it too much and neither does the customer,” Angus says. “Ezidebit makes the process easy for both parties.”

Angus also appreciates the seamless integration with Snap Fitness’ management software, Fitware, which leads to a frictionless experience on both ends.

“Flexibility is important for us in being able to suspend and change payments,” Angus says. “This also applies to transactions with our personal trainers that use our facilities. The customer service we receive from Ezidebit is really good; we’ve never had an issue.”

With around half of their members paying their fees fortnightly through Ezidebit, it has considerably reduced the time involved in chasing outstandings and performing reconciliations.

Angus says, “Ezidebit’s direct debit platform is super simple and user-friendly, which is exactly what daily users like myself are looking for. I’d recommend any other gym business to use Ezidebit to manage their fee collection and management.”

Snap Fitness New Farm

Open 24/7 to members, Snap Fitness New Farm is located at 896 Brunswick Street, New Farm, Queensland. It features top-of-the-range TECHNO GYM equipment, Lifting Platform, 50-inch plasma televisions, full air-conditioning and individual change rooms. Members also have access to over 200 gyms around Australia. Visit Snap Fitness New Farm.

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