Studio Pilates Ashgrove Challenging Clients Mentally and Physically

Studio Pilates uses Ezidebit to accept payments from clients

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Studio Pilates Ashgrove Challenging Clients Mentally and Physically Liz Ryan says the decision to buy the pilates studio she was training at has been the best decision she has ever made, apart from having a family.


“The best thing about Studio Pilates is that I get to work in a field that I love and am absolutely passionate about,” Liz says. “I don’t feel that it is work for me, I get to do something I love on a daily basis.”

Liz had been a school teacher for years, and like many women had time out raising three beautiful children and focusing on her family.  

"I didn’t want to go back into teaching, and wanted to do something that I was passionate about. So when the email came saying that the studio I was attending was selling, I said to my husband, ‘let’s buy it, it’s exactly what I want to do!’"

Liz threw herself into the new challenge and started her training as an instructor while she took over the studio at Ashgrove in Brisbane’s northside. She didn't want to just be a business owner but wanted to be very active in classes and instructing. Given the opportunity, Lizzie couldn't resist teaching. She says, "I endeavour to give my clients the best workout ever!"

Studio Pilates offers a high intensity, low impact workout in just 40 minutes and is designed to strengthen and condition, tone and improve athletic performance.

High ceilings, chandeliers, wooden floors, ornate cornices, and ten beautiful reformers all combine to make the Ashgrove studio a luxury to work in.

"I love walking through those doors every day into such a luxurious studio and spending time with like-minded people," Liz says. 

Studio Pilates is purely reformer pilates, with the studio offering ten reformers and 76 classes each week with approximately 650 clients coming to classes each week. A reformer is a traditional piece of pilates equipment - a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. It provides a very efficient and high intensity workout and working more muscle areas than just matwork classes.

Liz says they have had many success stories, from clients losing weight and centimetres off their bodies, gaining strength and flexibility and improving their injuries, to even becoming injury free.

“We also have the inspiring story of a client who has been battling stage three cancer for many years. 

“She does pilates as much for her physical strength as she does for her mental strength. She has recently completed hell week which is ten classes in five days. She truly is an inspiration to all of us!”

Liz has a team of 14 passionate and experienced instructors who between them work seven days per week, with some running seven classes in a row back-to-back.

In managing the studio operations, Studio Pilates Ashgrove has been using Ezidebit since inception for collecting payments. Liz finds it to be so user friendly and takes all the work out of setting up and managing payments. 

Liz says, “It allows our clients to purchase our pilates class packs easily and from our perspective it makes for seamless reconciliations and minimal time spent on administration.

“It’s proven to be a very user-friendly payment system that’s quick and effortless for our business and our clients.”

So what else is on the horizon for Liz and Studio Pilates Ashgrove?

At present, I am happy to keep the studio operating as is, however in the next five years, I may look to find a bigger space where we can add in a few more reformers whilst still keeping it small enough to give our clients individual attention,” Liz says. 

“We often have waitlists for many classes, so it would be great if these clients can get into their class time of choice.”

Studio Pilates Ashgrove

Located in Ashgrove, Brisbane, Studio Pilates combines innovative video technology with world class instructors to focus on perfecting your technique. Join Liz Ryan and her team in their intimate class space for an unrivaled workout experience.


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