Upgrade your hair or beauty salon’s payment experience with PayTo

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Being a hairdresser, beautician or nail technician allows you to explore and unleash your creativity in an environment that’s outside the standard 9-5 job.
Providing the perfect cut and colour is just one aspect of running a thriving hair and beauty business. 

To keep your salon running smoothly, you need good cash flow, and streamlined and efficient operations. Unfortunately, no-shows and last-minute cancellations can really put a dent in your business, and impact your business growth. You need effective strategies, processes and payment methods to succeed. 

The three most common ways for hair and beauty businesses to currently accept payments include: 

  • In-person eftpos 
  • Online payments, and 
  • Direct debit for recurring subscriptions.

While these payment options are handy (not to mention, convenient) for both in-salon payments and online store purchases, they don't always provide a seamless and efficient payment experience for you and your clients.

For instance, eftpos payments can add a delay to getting clients on their way and moving onto your next appointment (especially during busy periods), and direct debit funds can take several days to clear, affecting your cash flow.

New payment technology called PayTo is being released, which will supercharge your business’ payments, cash flow and client experience. Developed by Australian Payments Plus (AP+), PayTo enables you to instantly collect payments from your clients’ bank accounts in real-time around the clock. 

You’ll love PayTo for your hair or beauty salon because you can:

Automate deposits

By setting up and storing a payment agreement for a client, you can automate deposits at the time of booking without them having to come into the salon. 

Check out the video below to see how quick and easy it is to set up a PayTo payment agreement with your clients:



  • Takeaway: This leads to better salon efficiency and ensures your business is compensated for its time, even in the face of unpredictability. 

Reduce no-shows & last minute cancellations

Working hand-in-hand with automating deposits, PayTo supports the effective implementation of cancellation fees. If you have a cancellation fee policy in place, a payment agreement can be established for all new clients. So, in the event of a last-minute cancellation without sufficient notice, the agreed cancellation fee is automatically deducted.

  • Takeaway: Taking deposits and having a cancellation policy can deter clients from cancelling at the last minute without a valid reason. It also guarantees a portion of revenue, should the appointment fall through. 

Enjoy simplified, speedy salon payments

Maintaining your salon's equipment, replenishing inventory, and regular upkeep all require a healthy cash flow. PayTo enhances this by offering real-time payments. Your salon can receive payments the same business day, bypassing the prolonged wait times of traditional payment methods.

  • Takeaway: This enhances customer satisfaction, improves your salon's financial processes, and offers new potential for growth.

Explore new revenue opportunities

Beyond facilitating seamless transactions, PayTo can be leveraged to set up payment agreements for a range of revenue opportunities, such as hair and beauty memberships, packages, or a series of recurring appointments. 

This is ideal for client retention and helping you secure predictable revenue. Once the client securely enters their bank account details, or soon, PayID if they have activated it, their information is safely stored for future use. After each appointment, clients can leave knowing that their payment is taken care of while receiving a prompt email confirmation and receipt for their records. 

PayTo also simplifies online store transactions by acting as a wallet for your online store. Clients can purchase products or vouchers without the hassle of re-entering payment information.

  • Takeaway: By establishing a payment agreement with PayTo, clients can enjoy a ‘set-and-forget’ experience, where their payment information is securely stored for future use. This seamless process simplifies transactions,  encourages repeat business and helps you secure predictable revenue. 

Enhanced payment security

Security is important when it comes to handling financial information. PayTo uses advanced security measures, including two-factor authentication through your client’s existing banking application, to keep transactions safe and secure. 

Because payment agreements are pre-authorised by clients, disputes related to unauthorised account use become a thing of the past.

  • Takeaway: PayTo significantly reduces the risk of fraud and payment disputes. 



Get your hair or beauty salon PayTo ready

With PayTo, you can streamline your financial processes, increase convenience for your clients, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier cash flow.

If you’d like your business to be one of the first to trial PayTo, you can sign up for our pilot program. From there, the pilot team will reach out to you to provide the integration specifications and set up a meeting to discuss the next steps.


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