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As a charity or nonprofit organisation, your goal is to make giving as easy as possible, encouraging donors to continually support your cause. But facilitating payments comes with its share of challenges. You juggle with direct debits, card payments, and BPAY, all while managing the risks of card fraud. Not to mention the need to quickly onboard new donors and maintain recurring donations. It's a delicate balance and PayTo can help.

Developed by the team at Australian Payments Plus (AP+), PayTo steps in to address the challenges you face in the charity sector. PayTo allows you to collect donations in real-time directly from your supporters' bank accounts. This removes as much friction as possible from the donation process. You’ll experience the same set-and-forget benefits of direct debit, but with enhanced speed, simplicity and security.

Let's explore how PayTo can revolutionise your charitable organisation:

Swift and simple donations

Instead of asking donors to navigate your website or type in a specific URL (which adds friction to the donation process), PayTo gives you the ability to use QR codes to attract potential donors quickly - even when they’re walking down the street or watching TV. 


A quick scan takes them straight to a donation page. To make the donation process even breezier, a predetermined amount can be pre-filled into the form.

  • Takeaway: By streamlining the donation process, PayTo knocks down barriers to giving, boosting donor conversation rates and increasing funds raised for your cause.  

Speedy set-up for your donors

You can easily set up and manage payment agreements that your customers authorise in their banking app, eliminating lengthy or paper-based forms. 

Check out the video below to see how quickly a PayTo agreement can be created and authorised:


In addition, at Ezidebit we have a promising feature in the pipeline - supporting PayID. This will allow quick donations using just a mobile number or an email address, further simplifying the signup process for donors. 

  • Takeaway: With just a few clicks, payment agreements are created, authorised, and safely stored in one central spot. 

Flexible solutions for recurring donations

PayTo makes managing recurring donations a walk in the park. Donors can easily set up monthly contributions, such as entering a lottery draw to win a house or a car. Your donors have the freedom to skip a month or set a donation cap - all part of their payment agreement.

With PayTo, it's all about giving control to your donors while keeping things smooth sailing for you.

  • Takeaway: PayTo's flexible recurring payment solutions boost donor satisfaction and encourage long-term engagement, ensuring a regular income stream for your cause.

Eliminate card fraud & payment disputes

Charitable organisations, unfortunately, find themselves targets of card fraud and card testing. These activities pose threats not only to your finances but undermine donor trust. For example, elderly donors may feel uneasy sharing their card details in public spaces, such as shopping centres, which could limit their contributions. For people who feel more comfortable providing bank account details, the soon to be released PayID feature will overcome any security concerns.

PayTo payment agreements must be viewed and authorised by donors in their banking application before they can go live. They also have the added security of two-factor authentication (2FA). This eliminates the ability for fraudsters to exploit your donors’ financial information. 

Additionally, bank account details are less attractive to fraudsters compared with card information. This is because card details can be exploited internationally, whereas bank account information is generally restricted to domestic use. Just another layer of security added to the donation process!

PayTo provides a more secure donation method that eliminates the need for sharing card details. This not only gives donors peace of mind, but reduces disputes as a result of these enhanced features. 

  • Takeaway: With PayTo, your donors pre-authorise their payment agreements, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and disputes. It also fosters trust among your donors, making PayTo a safer and more reliable choice for your donation process.

Maintaining communication with regular donors

PayTo’s notifications feature gives you a timely nudge when a payment agreement is paused or cancelled. This is your chance to reconnect with donors, have a chat, and perhaps uncover some insights that could help re-engage them to make regular donations again.

  • Takeaway: PayTo assists you with managing important donor relationships, helping you keep your donors onboard and ensuring a steady stream of funding. 

Get your charitable organisation PayTo ready

PayTo is here to revolutionise the charitable sector by transforming your donation process. It not only boosts the speed and simplicity of donations, but also enhances the security and trust for your donors. Plus, with flexible solutions for recurring donations and an efficient system to maintain communication with your donors, PayTo truly is the complete package.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can trial PayTo in your charitable organisation, we invite you to join our pilot program. From there, the pilot team will reach out to you to provide the integration specifications and set up a meeting to discuss the next steps.


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