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As a financial services provider, you might be juggling multiple payment methods to meet the diverse needs of your customers. This includes direct debit as your most common method for regular payments, alongside online payments for arrears management, and BPAY for larger outstanding amounts.

While you value the relationships you’ve built with your customers, you also value efficiency and a stable cash flow. However, high rates of failed payments and payment disputes bring stress and interrupt your cash flow, causing unnecessary business disruption.

The non-real-time nature of direct debit compounds these challenges. Not knowing whether transactions are successful or not until two or three days after they have occurred brings uncertainty. Late returns further complicate matters by initially appearing as cleared funds, only to be flagged as transaction failures later. Disrupted cash flow can cause considerable operational and financial strain.

In the midst of these complex processes and uncertainties, PayTo emerges as a much-needed solution. Developed by the Australian Payments Plus (AP+), PayTo is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to collect payments from bank accounts, in real-time 24/7. This is the clarity and efficiency you've longed for in managing your transactions.

Here are the main benefits PayTo can bring to financial services providers:

Speedy & efficient payments

It’s difficult to run an efficient and effective business model and provide a premium customer experience when there are continual delays in receiving money owed. 

Here’s where PayTo shines. The speed and reliability of PayTo is a game-changer for recurring payments and dealing with arrears. With PayTo, you’ll receive notifications at various payment stages so you can feel confident about your cash flow and incoming revenue at all times. And, you’ll receive settled funds the same day.

  • Takeaway: Experience more reliable cash flow with real-time funds verification. You can forget any waiting period associated with direct debit, along with the administrative burden of adjusting payment details. Enjoy the benefits of real-time payments, without any risk of credit cards being used to repay credit. 

Enhanced control & visibility over cash flow

When dealing with customers facing financial hardships, failed payments and payment disputes are not uncommon. Or the surprise of payments being halted at the bank by the payer. 

By setting up proactive automated communication capabilities in your software, you can keep your customers informed about upcoming payments—ensuring they have sufficient funds in their accounts to avoid payment failures. In the event of a payment failure, PayTo allows you to retry payments multiple times without a fee. You can notify customers via SMS when a payment retry will occur, giving them the opportunity to move funds into the account to cover the payment.

Another significant advantage of PayTo is customers won’t be charged dishonour fees by their banks for failed PayTo payments, adding to a smoother payment process.

  • Takeaway: PayTo boosts your operational efficiency by streamlining and automating processes and reducing the time you spend on administration and chasing payments. Your focus can shift from uncomfortable conversations about missed payments to proactive, value-added communication with your customers.

A better customer experience

As a business that prides itself on a customer-centric approach, you understand the importance of being relationship led, rather than transactional with your customers. That’s why you’re always ready to adapt to each customer’s unique financial situation, helping them manage their money or settle their debts.  

PayTo’s notification feature lets you know when a customer cancels their payment agreement. This gives you the opportunity to reach out, understand their concerns, and possibly resolve issues that may have led to the cancellation.

PayTo empowers you to provide a consistent, seamless digital customer experience. It allows your customers to authorise payment agreements directly in their banking app, eliminating the need for lengthy or paper-based forms.

Within just a few clicks, payment agreements can be not only created and authorised, but also securely stored centrally. There's no need to keep physical records for seven years to meet compliance obligations; everything is digitally stored with PayTo.





  • Takeaway: PayTo is designed to simplify and enhance the payment experience, revolutionising how you interact with your customers. It not only makes the payment process more efficient but also fosters a stronger, more transparent relationship with your customers.

Focused on innovation

Valuing innovation and investing in technology sets your business apart in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

PayTo stands as a remarkable innovation in this dynamic field. While many banks and financial service providers are still grappling with its integration, at Ezidebit, we're already fully incorporated with the state-of-the-art Australian Payments Plus (AP+) technology.

By embracing PayTo, your business has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself. It's about offering a truly premium digital customer experience.

  • Takeaway:You can position yourself as a frontrunner in the industry, securing a competitive edge in today's tech-driven financial market.

Get your business PayTo ready

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, staying ahead is key. PayTo is your strategic investment into future-proofing your operations, providing real-time capabilities, enhanced cash flow management, and an improved customer experience.

Interested in leading the pack and becoming one of the first businesses in your industry to trial PayTo? Join our pilot program. From there, our pilot team will reach out to you to provide the integration specifications and set up a meeting to discuss the next steps.

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