FullyBooked is a 100% online childcare management system that helps simplify management of childcare services and the administration of CCMS, CCSS obligations, bookings, payments and rebates. This all-in-one system provides everything you need to run your childcare centre as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. With free training and support, it includes an online registration and booking system for parents, built in business risk tools to identify problem areas, and it can all be managed from the comfort of your phone and tablet.

For Parents

A dedicated family website that allows parents/guardians to maintain enrolment and payment details, and book their children across multiple services provided by the childcare provider with ease.

Business Flexibility

Use a variety of built in tools, ranging from identifying business risks, flexible cancellation policies and fees, and fully or semi-automated processes.

CCMS & CCSS Automation

FullyBooked can automatically create and submit enrolments, weekly attendances and vacancy reports to CCMS/CCSS based on daily attendances. Let Ezidebit and FullyBooked payments partnership take care of your centre while you focus on service.

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