How to set up direct debit for your customers with Ezidebit Australia

Discover how to set up direct debit for your customers.

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No matter the size of your business, setting up direct debit for your customers is simple. Your recurring payments are conveniently automated and streamlined, both for you and your customers, too. Once your customers see how hassle-free setting up with Ezidebit is, they’ll wish they could use it for all their payments.

Multiple methods for setting up direct debit with Ezidebit Australia

You can give customers four options for setting up direct debit, namely:

Online form: Just use a link on your website to share an online form. Your customers can easily complete the digital Direct Debit Request (DDR) form with their details and consent to the agreement. When the form has been correctly filled in, the payment schedule will start.

Email payment request: From your payments portal (EziOnline), you can activate a notification that goes straight to a customer, requesting the completion of a digital DDR agreement. When the customer has correctly entered their details, the payment schedule will start.

In person: If your customer is with you, simply enter their details straight into your payment provider’s system or via integrated software. They can enter their payment details and authorise the plan on the spot for instant approval.

Paper form: Finally, there’s the option for your customers to complete a hard copy DDR form. You will need to manually type the relevant data into your integrated software or payment provider’s system. Please note, under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), your business must store all signed DDR forms safely.

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How to explain direct debit with confidence to your customers

People are creatures of habit, so when you decide to move them to a new payment method — they might be a bit resistant to change. The solution is to explain your direct debit solution with confidence and clarity. This will give them the reassurance they need to switch to your streamlined payment system.

Jordan Berry, owner of Kaizen Fitness, has been using Ezidebit for over three years. You can read about his positive experience with this payment method here.

Recommended process

To gain your customers’ confidence in setting up direct debit with Ezidebit, we suggest the following process:

  • Send your customers notice of the switch to the new payment method. Feel free to use our email template;

  • Send your customers a follow-up email explaining what they need to do next. (They need to sign up!). Again, we have an email script you can use;

  • Send customers a Direct Debit Request form, electronically or in hard copy;

  • Set customers up with a direct debit schedule;

  • Send reminders to customers who haven’t signed up;

  • Address any concerns customers may have about switching. You can also explain the benefits to them — see below.

Benefits to customers include:

  • Direct debit helps spread costs. Regular, recurring payments are more manageable than large bills;

  • Direct debit provides greater payment flexibility. If customers are not able to make payments or need to put things on hold, Ezidebit gives you the flexibility to help them;

  • Direct debit is convenience, automated. Most people don’t like paying bills late or having to remember to transfer money.

Top tips from a satisfied customer

Let’s return to Jordan Berry, the fitness entrepreneur mentioned earlier. He offers the following advice:

Be transparent

Give customers all the information they need about switching to direct debit, including notice periods and fees for rescheduling or cancelling.

Stand by your decision

Tell hesitant customers all customers are required to switch because it’ll make running your business and accounting simpler, giving you more time to focus on providing quality services.

Focus on ease

Explain how easy and convenient Ezidebit makes it to reschedule and cancel. (Don’t forget to mention your rescheduling and cancellation policies and any fees that may apply.)

Finally, remember Ezidebit really does make setting up direct debit for your customers easy. Read our guide to how debit works to find out more.

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